Cybersecurity Best Practices for Building Owners and Property Management Teams

By : Harsha Vachher Dec 20,2023

With the rise of smart buildings and the integration of critical systems, property management teams face unique cybersecurity challenges. Securing building systems has become critical as cyber attacks can disrupt operations and damage reputations.

Below are simple and practical steps to help building owners and property teams protect their building operations from cyber threats.

  1. Implement the rule of least privileged access – Limit the access to critical systems and data by assigning access based on roles and responsibilities.
    • Add an extra layer by using multi-factor authentication (MFA).
    • Regularly review and update access levels.
  2. Managing critical systems and devices – Building systems are potential targets for cyber attacks.
    • Regularly update all systems and devices with the latest security patches.
    • Segment the building network from IT network.
  3. Cybersecurity training – Conduct regular cybersecurity training to ensure property teams are aware of the latest cyber threats and understand their roles in mitigating these risks.
  4. Security audits – Conduct regular security audit to identify risks and plan the steps to mitigate.
  5. Backup - Regularly back up system configuration and data and store in a secure location.
  6. Vendor Management – Conduct a risk assessment on third-party vendors to ensure they adhere to cybersecurity best practices.
  7. Incident response plan – Develop and implement an Incident response plan. Practice on a regular basis by simulating different scenarios so team is well-prepared team to respond quickly and effectively to incident.

Implementing cybersecurity measures for property management teams doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple steps - regular training sessions, strong access controls and periodic security audits can effectively protect the building operations.